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Welcome to the finest internet classified site on the web. Advertise your items on
"Sell It for a Buck" and for as little as one dollar. Your ads run until your item sells. You don't pay any added  fee's or percentage. Million's of visitor's are expected in 2018.

We are the most inclusive classified ad service on the internet with auction classifieds,  auto classifieds, electronic equipment classifieds, house, property classifieds and scores of other classified ads. Join us and sell your items for a little as only one dollar. New! Now you can email your ad and send the payment when you see your ad listed. See Placing an Ad.

Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted,  List your business, service or event. Anything! You can
Sell It for a Buck. You can work for yourself and Sell It for a Buck. No Adult Material.
Any questions or for more information call 1-507-301-1798 or e-mail sifab@msn.com

Sell It for a Buck wants you to conserve, recycle and reuse. Turn off that extra light and computer when not in use. Buy, Made in America and Made in U.S.A. products. If you have found that something has been sold. Please help us keep the listings updated. Email us at sifab@msn.com  and put Sold in the subject area. Then tell us what the item was. We hope you use and enjoy the website. Watch for our New Website Coming Soon!

We want to apologize to all the supporters of Sell It for a Buck for the deletion of the newer PHP version website recently. Our website, your ads, backup and all contacts were all removed by Yahoo. Yahoo the host at the time deleted everything and all our contacts. Yahoo refused to restore the website. Yahoo also said it was all deleted and wouldn't say anything more about it. After months and months of trying to contact Yahoo through the BBB Yahoo came back with a one line answer. Contact our legal department.
Again we here at Sell It for a Buck want to apologize to you all. We are seeking legal help and if you know of a good legal firm that would pursue this for us we would appreciate a email sifab@msn.com or call 1-507-301-1798 about this
matter. Thank you.

Sell It for a Buck" What's up"

Sell It for a Buck is 17 years old now and is having a Free Ad special. For the next few months your ads will be listed Free. Just mail or email mail your ads to us and will post them Free! That's all you have to do. All your ads will still run until the item sells. Please contact us when your item sells so we can remove it from our listings. Sell It for a Buck wants to thank you all.

Sell It for a Buck wants you to support your local newspaper. With the introduction of the internet newspaper sales are down. We need our local newspapers. With out them we will lose everything. It's the heart of America for information.

Don't use Yahoo for anything unless you like getting ripped off. Don't use them for hosting, for mail or anything else because you just might loose everything.
Our old website and mail account were all deleted. No one contacted us before this happened. It was just deleted and we were told that was that. None of our old information would be given back. We would not be told about the why. You know Yahoo can do what ever they want and get away with it. Don't use Yahoo!

Sell It for a Buck is For Sale The idea and concept are still good. We are open for offers and or ideas. Plenty of room for anything.

Get your comment or idea listed on Sell It for a Buck "What's up"
Simply email your comment or idea to sifab@msn.com
We will check it out and figure out if its fit to print. No adult material or foul language.

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Have your event listed on Sell It for a Buck Free! Just send it to sifab@msn.com for a Free listing. And don't forget to check all your favorite categories for upcoming events.    




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